Our Story

UrbanLink Group isn’t your typical marketing agency. We were born, not just to fill a hole in a market or economy, but to fulfill a vision for passionate, creative connection between businesses and consumers.

Our origins saw us starting small – an in-house team under a different title supporting two pharmaceutical and biologics companies. After successful ad and marketing campaigns drove impressive growth for each, our founder and CEO, Chris Jones, recognized an opportunity waiting within this impassioned team and decided to act on his entrepreneurial instinct. It was then that UrbanLink Group was born, its name denoting its mission: use creativity, storytelling, and disruptive marketing to link businesses with consumers anywhere in the world.

UrbanLink Group Logo

Our business grew quickly, with talented and ambitious leadership bringing on both national and international clients. As the agency grew, work began on a magazine designed to showcase the agency’s capabilities and creativity. Articles were written, graphics and a website were designed, and Chris Jones noticed, once again, another entrepreneurial opportunity at hand…

Logo for UrbanLink Magazine
UrbanLink Magazine Logo

Chris Jones recognized that the relationship between the magazine and UrbanLink Group was more than just a proof of concept and creative outlet for an agency. This was an opportunity to practice what UrbanLink Group preached: creating a media organization from the ground up. Once again, the team harnessed their grit, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit, and UrbanLink Magazine was born, along with the supporting, entrepreneur-focused podcast Figures.

Every day UrbanLink Group and UrbanLink Magazine are pioneering new connections between the marketing, branding, and advertising industries. We recognize that a link is a bond between two things, and all bonds require an understanding, a relationship. Our team harnesses the entrepreneurial spirit we were founded upon to imbue our client relationships with the same grit and passion that gave us birth. Scroll down to meet our leadership team. We’d love to help start, grow, or elevate your brand or business!

Meet The Leadership

Picture of Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Founder & CEO

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Picture of Suvannah Day

Suvannah Day

VP of Marketing

Picture of Tyler Morrison

Tyler Morrison

Graphic Designer

Cassie Baugh

Digital Marketing Specialist

Picture of Steven Zunich

Steven Zunich

Content Specialist

Picture of Traci Jones

Traci Jones

Director of Accounting

Picture of Ryan Day

Ryan Day

Client Concierge

Picture of Nicole Gilstrap

Nicole Gilstrap

Marketing Intern