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Critical Minerals: A New Dilemma for Mining Opponents and Going Green

Article originally posted on UrbanLink Magazine Title: Critical Minerals: A New Dilemma for Mining Opponents and Going Green Published Date: April 19th, 2021 Author: Noelle Lovern Is there an issue that your company or organization needs the public to get behind to turn the tide? Our team has deep expertise in public affairs for [...]

Broken Links in the Supply Chain

Article originally posted on UrbanLink Magazine Title: Broken Links in the Supply Chain Published Date: April 9th, 2021 Author: Noelle Lovern To the average consumer, the global supply chain may seem distinctly resilient, but this massive system is quite sensitive and easily affected by changes in routine conditions.  Some disruptions can be anticipated and managed, but others, like [...]

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Virtual Solutions for Healthcare Services

Article originally posted on UrbanLink Magazine Title: Virtual Solutions for Healthcare Services Published Date: March 12th, 2021 Author: Noelle Lovern Look around you. In restaurants, on public transit, and in our own homes, we connect daily with our friends, family, and co-workers through technology.FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype allow us to “virtually be [...]

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What is Your Website’s User Experience Telling Your Visitors?

Does your website delight and inspire? ‍ We’ve been swimming in the vast ocean of the World Wide Web for about 30 years now, and through years of internet use we've internalized an easy rhythm of navigation. A whole generation of post-internet born users have grown from children to adults surfing the currents of [...]

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Friday Features: The 2020 Instagram Starter Kit

If you are new to social media or struggle with staying up to date on new features that seem to be released every week, we have you covered. We are breaking down the most optimal features for your business’s Instagram profile in 2021. Here are our top hacks to create and manage content for [...]

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5 Questions to Lay the Groundwork for Your Lead Capture Strategy

Lead generation and capture is vital to a prolific sales program but is often made up of mysterious, hidden tools and processes. The landscape of lead generation and capture has been transitioning throughout the past several years from in-person lead groups to analyzed user data harvested through online platforms. Furthermore, the age of social [...]

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The Real Restrictions of Special Ad Categories

Facebook is the largest, worldwide social network for users and advertisers. With 2.7 billion monthly active users, advertising on Facebook is critical to every brand’s digital marketing strategy, however, there are complexities and certain restrictions for companies that fall in the Special Ad Category. As of 2020, advertisements concerning social issues, elections and politics, [...]

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Speaking Of… Podcasting: The Media Platform Everyone is Talking About

It’s a common household conversation these days: “I was just listening to this new podcast and...” Your friends have recommended them, family members have their own personal favorites, and chances are you have subscribed to a few yourself. It’s the media platform everyone is talking about, and with over 75 percent of Americans now familiar [...]

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Leveraging Your iPhone

The power of Apple has drastically changed from the era of the iPod nano. The new iPhone 12 is putting quality, jaw dropping photos in your back pocket. In today’s marketing ecosystem, visual content is imperative to a successful, profitable online presence. Leveraging the photo and video capabilities of your iPhone will elevate your [...]

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Proper Reposting Etiquette

Reposting or leveraging content created by anyone other than yourself comes with responsibilities and rewards. It can be costly and time-consuming to generate original content at a cadence conducive to growing your audience and brand awareness. Leveraging other creators’ content is a curation process that can reward your networks and channels when you repost [...]

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