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How to Adapt to Emerging Healthcare Trends

No matter where you look, whether it’s online, a magazine, traditional newspaper, or any other medium, healthcare topics are always trending. It’s an indication that people are focused on health tips and trends that improve the quality of life. ‍ As a result, we have an abundant amount of information, resources, and methods to [...]

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Exploring the Link Effect

An UrbanLink Group Blog Series ‍ Operating a successful business in a rapidly changing landscape requires constant re-evaluation of strategy and budgeting. This is elevated when it’s propelled by socially conscious and value-driven consumers. ‍ The spectrum of business tactics ranges from preserving brand values above everything to the “bottom-line is king” mentality. As consumer [...]

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Why Integrated Strategies Boost Business

With the lines between marketing and public relations blurred, it has required crossover and strategic planning between the two business areas. Instead of siloed programming and individual objectives, businesses have shifted integrated strategic communication planning. ‍ First things first, what is an Integrated Strategic Communication Plan? An integrated strategic communication plan (ISCP) incorporates earned media, owned [...]

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Understanding Consumer Centric Marketing

How to Understand Consumer-Centric Marketing ‍ “Yes, the World Does Revolve Around Me! Thanks for asking.” ‍ In a recent conversation with a seasoned art director and graphic designer, he stated that one of the biggest challenges throughout his career has been bringing clients to an understanding that visuals or advertising campaigns do not [...]

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Talkin’ Turkey: Timeless and Trendy Thanksgiving Promotions

November promotions often focus on Black Friday, the official “kick-off” of the Christmas season for the reasonable folks not buying their Christmas trees in August. While a little less common than Black Friday, marketing for Thanksgiving has hit some timeless and trendy milestones with messaging that makes an impact. Check out some of the best-in-class below: [...]

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4 Effective Ways to Interact with the Media

If you spent any time on social media in recent years, you’ve noticed how much attention the media creates and gets. From a business perspective, it is critical to build rapport and a foundation with members of media. ‍ Learning to communicate with the media regularly and effectively is essential for any company. Chances are your [...]

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Solutions to Social Media Planning Problems

Sure, working in social media may seem like a breeze, but it’s more involved than you think. Managing day-to-day social activity takes a lot of planning and collaboration between copywriters and designers to produce quality outcomes. ‍ The most important aspect of social media management is having a strategic plan which outlines business goals. You can start by [...]

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Should Your Business Flock to TikTok?

Having or managing a business comes with a lot of responsibility. That includes staying on top of the latest social media developments and engaging platforms, right? While there are many benefits for being active on channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter (to name a few), the question remains, is it worth being everywhere? ‍ [...]

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Snow, Sweethearts, and the Super Bowl

Marketing That Hits the Mark After the post-holiday craze is over, it seems like marketing switches gears and focuses on snow, sweethearts, or the Super Bowl. Using seasonally relevant topics is a great way to reach an audience when done effectively. ‍ If not done correctly, a seasonal promo or campaign can fall flat [...]

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