Olympic Stories: Lessons for Every Small Business

The Olympics is the most longstanding and globally recognized sporting event in the history of the universe. It is unstoppable and so are the athletes, or at least we thought that was the case up until 2020. As with many other activities and sporting events, Covid-19 dowsed the Olympic flame and delayed all activities for [...]

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Growing With Grit: Purposeful Rebranding

Thriving businesses evolve over time. They are launched with careful consideration to values, ideals, and an urgency to impact industries, and ultimately, life. As a company evolves, there are many opportunities to evaluate the brand narrative and visual representation of the corporate story.  The old school perspective on brand that limits this critical business strategy to visual elements has cost top tier companies thousands and [...]

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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Business in 2020

Crisis, pressure, and instability are a dangerous set of circumstances for any business, and can sometimes spell the doom of newly emerging and established enterprises alike. But like any quagmire of the business world, it’s also an opportunity for growth, change, and resilience. For leaders who thrive under pressure, crisis is an opportunity to prove the [...]

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Real Estate Marketing: Making the CASE for Your Brand

Your Story is Your Brand Whether you are a new real estate agent, or just adjusting to the new normal, UrbanLink Group has a few tips to help up your real estate marketing game. Now more than ever, agents and agencies must set themselves apart to build and grow their business. While some rules [...]

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Exploring the Link Effect

An UrbanLink Group Blog Series ‍ Operating a successful business in a rapidly changing landscape requires constant re-evaluation of strategy and budgeting. This is elevated when it’s propelled by socially conscious and value-driven consumers. ‍ The spectrum of business tactics ranges from preserving brand values above everything to the “bottom-line is king” mentality. As consumer [...]

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