Leveraging Your iPhone

The power of Apple has drastically changed from the era of the iPod nano. The new iPhone 12 is putting quality, jaw dropping photos in your back pocket. In today’s marketing ecosystem, visual content is imperative to a successful, profitable online presence. Leveraging the photo and video capabilities of your iPhone will elevate your [...]

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Proper Reposting Etiquette

Reposting or leveraging content created by anyone other than yourself comes with responsibilities and rewards. It can be costly and time-consuming to generate original content at a cadence conducive to growing your audience and brand awareness. Leveraging other creators’ content is a curation process that can reward your networks and channels when you repost [...]

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Marketing Technologies All Small Businesses Must Have

Marketing technology moves at the speed of innovation, the result of which has produced a dizzying number of platforms, CRMs, apps, and other software choices for small businesses. Attempting to sort through all this technology can make any business owner’s head spin. Narrowing the lists of nice-to-haves to a list of must-haves is challenging, [...]

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5 T’s of Integrated Marketing Communications

One of the primary opportunities for growth and refinement in an organization is in marketing strategy – and It’s not always a matter failed marketing tactics!  The problem often lies with syncing an organization’s objectives with a primary goal. To have a successful integrated strategy, one must start starts by synchronizing syncing the team. [...]

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Which Integrated Marketing Approach is Right For Your Brand

In our consumer-centric marketing culture, content that breaks through the thousands of daily images and ads we brush by online, in print, or broadcast requires a special spark. Broad target, one-dimensional content, like a traditional product ad, is a waste of money if there’s no connection. Consider what made you stop scrolling through your [...]

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Content Strategy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How many times have you caught yourself saying or doing something uncustomary during recent weeks and days? You may have prefaced conversations with the words, “before the pandemic” or planned social gatherings using Zoom or FaceTime to stay connected. Our pre-pandemic norms have been dismantled and replaced by our new normal including social distancing and a [...]

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Why People Have All the Power

A marketplace designed around consumers empowers them. Current technology, like social media, creates a network for information-sharing about brands. The success and failure of brands can be propelled through these empowered consumers by leaving reviews, social shares, and brand advocacy. The People’s Power-Ups Technology has given consumers the upper hand in promoting brands. Other consumers utilize [...]

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The Importance of Effective Content Marketing

Why is content marketing so vital to the overall marketing strategy? Quite frankly, the creation and distribution of valuable, consistent, and empowering content is essential to attracting and keeping your targeted audience. ‍ The goal of effective content marketing is to drive consumers to profitable action. Solid content reflects your business and is the ultimate indicator [...]

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Blurred Lines of Communication Strategies

It used to be that marketing and public relations had distinctly different functions and outcomes. It was easy for consumers to distinguish a marketing campaign from a public relations effort, and vice versa. Not so much anymore. ‍ The lines are so blurred that we have begun reframing the way we talk about all facets of [...]

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Why Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay

What comes to mind when someone says “influencer” or “influencer marketing”? At first, the concept may sound frivolous, but it’s become a serious business. Years ago, it was limited to celebrities or well-known people, but today’s market is highly saturated with prospects. ‍ If you’re thinking about what it means to be an influencer, wonder no [...]

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