Olympic Stories: Lessons for Every Small Business

The Olympics is the most longstanding and globally recognized sporting event in the history of the universe. It is unstoppable and so are the athletes, or at least we thought that was the case up until 2020. As with many other activities and sporting events, Covid-19 dowsed the Olympic flame and delayed all activities for [...]

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“Are We There Yet?”

It’s Beginning to Feel like Go-Time Again for Destination Marketing and Tourism  With the world coming out of a state of travel limbo, how are Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) and Tourism Bureaus promoting travel to their parts of the world? Destination Marketing is a term that defines itself. The destination can be as broad in scope as a country or as narrow as a town [...]

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Growing With Grit: Purposeful Rebranding

Thriving businesses evolve over time. They are launched with careful consideration to values, ideals, and an urgency to impact industries, and ultimately, life. As a company evolves, there are many opportunities to evaluate the brand narrative and visual representation of the corporate story.  The old school perspective on brand that limits this critical business strategy to visual elements has cost top tier companies thousands and [...]

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5 Questions for Your Lead Capture Strategy

Lead generation and capture is vital to a prolific sales program but is often made up of mysterious, hidden tools and processes. The landscape of lead generation and capture has been transitioning throughout the past several years from in-person lead groups to analyzed user data harvested through online platforms. Furthermore, the age of social [...]

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Speaking Of… Podcasting

It’s a common household conversation these days: “I was just listening to this new podcast and...” Your friends have recommended them, family members have their own personal favorites, and chances are you have subscribed to a few yourself. It’s the media platform everyone is talking about, and with over 75 percent of Americans now familiar [...]

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Do They Know it’s Christmas? Yes, Yes, They Do.

THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS With a staggering percentage of the U.S. population celebrating Christmas, it is easy to forget about the diverse beliefs and needs that make the holiday season calm and bright. Despite the infamous Starbucks Red Cup incident in 2015, there is no “War on Christmas”. There is, however, an opportunity to [...]

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How to Adapt to Emerging Healthcare Trends

No matter where you look, whether it’s online, a magazine, traditional newspaper, or any other medium, healthcare topics are always trending. It’s an indication that people are focused on health tips and trends that improve the quality of life. ‍ As a result, we have an abundant amount of information, resources, and methods to [...]

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Understanding Consumer Centric Marketing

How to Understand Consumer-Centric Marketing ‍ “Yes, the World Does Revolve Around Me! Thanks for asking.” ‍ In a recent conversation with a seasoned art director and graphic designer, he stated that one of the biggest challenges throughout his career has been bringing clients to an understanding that visuals or advertising campaigns do not [...]

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Talkin’ Turkey

November promotions often focus on Black Friday, the official “kick-off” of the Christmas season for the reasonable folks not buying their Christmas trees in August. While a little less common than Black Friday, marketing for Thanksgiving has hit some timeless and trendy milestones with messaging that makes an impact. Check out some of the best-in-class below: [...]

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Snow, Sweethearts, and the Super Bowl

Marketing That Hits the MarkAfter the post-holiday craze is over, it seems like marketing switches gears and focuses on snow, sweethearts, or the Super Bowl. Using seasonally relevant topics is a great way to reach an audience when done effectively.‍If not done correctly, a seasonal promo or campaign can fall flat or seem insincere to [...]

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