Thriving businesses evolve over time. They are launched with careful consideration to values, ideals, and an urgency to impact industries, and ultimately, life. As a company evolves, there are many opportunities to evaluate the brand narrative and visual representation of the corporate story.  

The old school perspective on brand that limits this critical business strategy to visual elements has cost top tier companies thousands and millions of dollars. Representing a company’s brand with its name and visual elements is like reducing a person to their title and appearance. There is much more to the person and likewise a company than a beautiful mark.  

A Brand is as a Brand Does 

Amazing visuals and artwork do not ensure a company’s success. Consumers have made it common practice to delve past great logos or snappy ads into the nerve center of a company—its character and values. They want to know that the companies they choose to support, and it is a choice, are worthy of their hard-earned money.  

Entire departments and companies have been founded on brand management, and for good reason. In the age of cancel culture, a misalignment of a brand or a misstep in messaging can drop stock prices and revenue within one news cycle.  

It is a company’s values, their story, and alignment with a consumer’s priorities that connects and garners loyalty. This has become the essence and architecture of modern branding. It is no longer good enough to have an awesome logo, recognizable trademark, or catchy tagline.  

A company cannot simply say they believe or represent something, they must demonstrate it through all that they do and produce. It is a tall order to keep a brand in consumer’s good graces, however, quite possible when a company stays true to its values.  

New Visuals 

The UrbanLink brand represents the link that connects you with your audience, no matter where or who they are. It represents the grit and determination our team deploys to grow our clients’ brands and elevate them to the forefront of their industries.  

Few things are more urban and grittier than the chain link fences that line industrial sites and street level businesses operating for and in communities. They are characteristics of the city streets which are the backbone of commerce and the nerve centers of innovation. They connect, protect, and signify the strength and perseverance that’s at the core of every thriving brand, company, and individual.  

Our new logo combines a stylized chain link with the powerful color combination of deep reds, grays, and black. Nothing on the fence here! We have become a bold presence in our industry and are continuing to grow and build an impactful client base.  

UrbanLink Group Logo

UrbanLink Group is 100 percent, all-in on providing our clients the pioneering, edgy, exciting, and pristine creative and strategic communication services. We thrive on bringing brands to life!