Having or managing a business comes with a lot of responsibility. That includes staying on top of the latest social media developments and engaging platforms, right? While there are many benefits for being active on channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter (to name a few), the question remains, is it worth being everywhere?

Here are the pros and cons of flocking to the latest social media platforms craze — TikTok.


Before we hash out the benefits and considerations, let’s do a quick overview of TikTok. As many have found out, it’s the latest and greatest platform for quick clips ranging from 3 to 15 seconds. Reminiscent of Vine, the platform has reached over 600 million downloads in 2018 alone.

TikTok’s success originated in China from a company called ByteDance. Due to its massive popularity in the Chinese market, the app was released globally soon after. Instead of maintaining its original name, the company purchased Musical.ly and combined the apps into a single platform, calling it TikTok.

Today, the app has over 500 million active users and remains ultra-popular with 16 to 24-year-olds.


Knowing the popularity of the app with Gen Z’s and Millennials, the most obvious benefit for a business to leverage it for influencer marketing campaigns. TikTok influencers reach huge audiences and bolster brands using organic reach. This is attracting brands like Gymshark to use the platform for product marketing.

In addition to influencer marketing, the platform hosts screen ads, video ads, and more and provides variety for unique ways to reach specific age groups and users.


Although the benefits seem great, there are a lot of things to consider before jumping on the “bandwagon”.  The biggest question you should ask yourself (as a business owner) is,

Am I able to create original content that will promote my brand?

If the answer is anything but a firm yes, then stay away. The whole premise of the platform is to be unique, fun, and stylish. Moreover, if your buyer persona doesn’t fit within TikTok’s demographics, just don’t do it.


The bottom line is, if you don’t have the resources or enough appeal to the users, your money could be going to waste on TikTok. If you truly want to impact audiences, consider solidifying your marketing strategy or launch a campaign on proven channels like Google Ads.

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