Sure, working in social media may seem like a breeze, but it’s more involved than you think. Managing day-to-day social activity takes a lot of planning and collaboration between copywriters and designers to produce quality outcomes.

The most important aspect of social media management is having a strategic plan which outlines business goals. You can start by defining what you want to achieve through social media, audiences or personas, and messaging. However, having a plan doesn’t eliminate other challenges.


That is, aligning designers and content. The biggest issue in this scenario is that the design team might not know specifics, like when content is supposed to go live.


An easy fix to the problem is to simply create a monthly schedule. The lead person should outline a weekly flow which details information for departments, responsibilities, and deadlines. Be sure to include items like the number of posts, titles, dates, and categories. This way, everyone can stay in the know and meet deadlines.


We always wish for more of it. So, knowing what to do with time and workload is essential. Social media teams can run into problems if time management and efficiency aren’t maximized.


Social media management and marketing have a second component. Content that has been mapped and scheduled isn’t done and forgotten. Once published, daily upkeep with audiences includes responding, engaging, commenting, listening, reporting, and more! To make sure everything is flowing smoothly, the solution here is to create a task list and assign daily must-dos.

Some great tools to get you going include PlannerTrelloClickUp, or this free template from Hubspot.


This is a problem that almost all brands face. With changing algorithms and updates, it’s getting more complex to maintain organic reach. Additionally, keeping audiences engaged once they arrive can be problematic.


Truthfully, there is no single or proven solution. Paid advertising can go so long, so perhaps the best piece of advice is to produce creating content that is worthwhile and engaging for your audience. Think critically because what works for Wendy’s may not work for the Department of Defense.

Ultimately, having a collaborative team and running with stellar ideas is a solution everyone can agree on.

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