Why is content marketing so vital to the overall marketing strategy? Quite frankly, the creation and distribution of valuable, consistent, and empowering content is essential to attracting and keeping your targeted audience.

The goal of effective content marketing is to drive consumers to profitable action. Solid content reflects your business and is the ultimate indicator of a successful organization.

Conversions Start with Quality

Having quality content seems like a pretty basic requirement, but it plays an even greater role when trying to gain website conversion rates. Besides, a great content strategy can help you generate leads, which is a goal every organization wants to accomplish. To get a quality lead, you’ll have to ensure you’re producing captivating content – which takes substantial planning time.

An effective way to strategize on content is to review customer insights through website analytics, including funnels, vanity metrics, and customer personas. After disseminating the information, you’ll discover that custom content should speak to your target audience and provide value. Whatever your specialty is, use your content as an opportunity to show consumers what you’re all about.

Improve SEO

Everyone talks about the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because it’s hugely dependent on content. Optimized content helps with page indexing and visibility of your brand, messaging, and overall website. You may be privy to the debate around the quantity of content (like blogs) and its effects on rankings. The theory is, the more content you have on your site, the better it is for search engines to pick it up and show to users. That can be true – if the content centers around your target audience.

Anyone can create content. The point is to create content on topics that your audience is searching for.

It’s one way to ensure that what you put out isn’t just fluff, but instead is real expertise. Using specific keywords in content like blogs can translate to higher time spent on your website, which gives search engines a clue that your content is valuable. Again, the caveat is that the content must be relevant, quality, and optimized.

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Position and Relationships

Flashing back to pre-school and kindergarten days, what typically accompanies a compelling story? Showing. So, showcase your expertise through content. Content that is useful and informative, while solving customer problems, demonstrates trust and longevity. Publishing great content can also help build vital relationships with customers. The same customers that were looking for solutions are likely to return, recommend, and support your organization.

Producing unique and valuable content also helps you stand out — in a good way. Business isn’t without competition, so what better way to stand out than through original content? The type of topics covered in your content can ultimately impact the decision of a customer to choose your business or product over your competitor.

Going a step beyond topic selection, the tone and voice in the content your produce is critical. Determining how you want to position your brand’s voice can help connect you to your next customer. Do some critical thinking and put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Determine if your brand is serious, Fun, or Educational. Is it something else? Whatever it may be, be sure that you show it effectively.

Swimming in Content

Let’s think of the realm of content marketing in terms of a large, eerie, lake. At first, there are many considerations in the unexplored territory. These could be things like being aware of the depth, what to do in an unpredictable situation (like being attacked by a sea creature), and what the swimming distance is to the shore.

Do you have a visual of those scenarios? Just like the open lake, if broken into focus areas like awareness, evaluation, and conversion, content marketing can be less intimidating. Here are the three ways you can ease your fears:

Top of Funnel – Awareness  

The customers in this category are “dipping their toes in.” That is, they are starting to be aware of their problems and are considering available solutions. This stage is crucial for educating and supplying information in their decision-making process.

Middle of Funnel – Evaluation 

Once a customer has some information to help in their decision, it’s time to make an evaluation. They’ve placed their feet and legs into the water. Here, content should help educate leads on their problem and offer ways to narrow down their choices. The goal is to nudge them closer to the purchasing decision.

Bottom of Funnel – Conversion  

This is the moment. It’s time to take a swim. They’ve reached the point of conversion. Content should focus on finalizing their decision and where that nudge turns into empowerment and encouragement.

Strategy Consistency

As you may have noticed, content plays a part in many aspects of a business. But this is where all the hard work around content pays off. Having quality content helps uphold your entire digital marketing strategy. Your conversions, SEO, positioning, and customers all come together through compelling content.

Not to sound like a broken record, but high-quality content is essential to everything your business does. Whether it’s an email marketing campaign or a social media post, the importance of engaging content can either accomplish your goals or just be fluff. Don’t second guess the importance of content marketing because it’s the glue that holds everything together.

Go Change the World

No matter if you’ve been in business for years or are just starting, content is a huge opportunity. Refreshing content regularly and ensuring it’s reflecting your brand (especially as your brand evolves) is something to always keep in mind.

Remember that the goal of effective content marketing is to drive consumers to profitable action.

Does your content reflect your business as a success, or as a flop? If you said yes, awesome! — go change the world. If not, get serious and start planning. Ultimately, it’s all up to you.

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