If you have ever moved (and who hasn’t?), then you can imagine what a hectic month we’ve had here at UrbanLink Group. We are now in our new digs at The Village in Meridian, the Treasure Valley’s hippest and most beautiful outdoor mall. Our team’s passion, energy, and grit were instrumental in making the move such a smooth transition. The wonderful open concept and light filled space provides inspiration and cultivates creativity for ULG’s marketing, advertising, and branding work.

UrbanLink Group is expanding its team, taking on new clients, and rebranding itself to capture our evolution. Learn more about our rebranding in the Top of Chain section. If you are considering a rebrand or ramping up a marketing or advertising campaign, let’s connect to discuss how we might help.

Even with the move and expansion, UrbanLink Group has continued to serve our clients and produce new content for UrbanLink Magazine. The big news for June is the launch of the Figures Podcast hosted by UrbanLink founder Christopher Jones. Chris has interviewed some of today’s leading entrepreneurs, innovators, and change makers to uncover how and why the people featured achieved their success.

If you are in The Village during our office hours, please stop in and say “hi.” We are located right across the upstairs entrance right next to Axiom Fitness. Please reach out if you are in the area and would like to connect.

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Top of The Chain

A huge part of the reason for the move mentioned above is that we believe this new location not only puts us where we need to be but that it also better reflects how our UrbanLink brand has evolved. Coincidentally, our top performing blog of the last month addresses the importance of branding, and re-branding. “Growing With Grit: Purposeful Rebranding” highlights the opportunities companies must evaluate and adjust their brand narrative. Everything from reflecting on your current brand status to assessing when and how to implement brand changes is covered. Check it out!

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Banner for the UrbanLink Group Newsletter named The Link
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It’s Figures

As mentioned in the intro, UrbanLink Magazine is proud to sponsor the newly released FIGURES Podcast with host Chris Jones. Having debuted on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, the series is a podcast and video docuseries focused on broadening the understanding of what makes some of our leading entrepreneurs tick. In a casual and unscripted conversation, FIGURES enables us to share in their journey, discussing their motivations, passions, successes and failures. Real Talk with Real Entrepreneurs. Each FIGURES episode will run about 25-50 minutes and is accompanied by a summary article featured in UrbanLink Magazine.

In a true rags-to-riches story, Chris’ first interview features Dario Sattui, an entrepreneur and winemaker who, in addition to creating multiple award-winning vintages, has built the only 13th Century medieval castle in America. His story offers a wealth of insight into all it took to build and fulfill his dreams. The views of the castle are stunning, and his story is quite compelling. The humanity of his passion comes through and is totally relatable. And yet the grit, energy and perseverance revealed in this conversation shows us how he was able to achieve his dream. You must see this venue to believe it and you can enjoy this and other FIGURES podcasts on the UrbanLink Magazine website here: figures.urbanlinkmag.com


UrbanLink Magazine Must Reads

#4 – Carbon Offset Projects

UrbanLink Magazine’s Christine Coates’ contributed a thought-provoking article on how we can all proactively participate in Carbon Offset programs. Entrepreneurs and business owners can have a tremendous influence on a variety of socioeconomic, civic and environmental issues. When leaders participate in such programs, they not only become change makers in their communities, but they can also inspire their employees to participate in positive change as well, sometimes at no cost to your company, sometimes for pennies a day. Your position as a forward thinker regarding the environment will strengthen your brand.

Featured Image for UrbanLink Magazines's Carbon Offsets article

#3 – PRIME Time for eCommerce

Steven Zunich’s piece on eCommerce and Amazon Prime Day highlights the importance of being ready to take advantage of the continuing growth of eCommerce. While huge companies like Amazon and Walmart have dominated this growth during the pandemic, Zunich points out the 57% of all buyers “are actively looking to purchase from new and independent businesses…(read: NOT Amazon)”. That leaves a LOT of opportunity for your business to increase its online sales.

Featured Image for UrbanLink Magazines's eCommerce article

#2 – Hope for Alzheimer’s

It seems like everyone has had a parent or relative that has been impacted by Alzheimer’s or some form of debilitating Dementia. Noelle Lovern penned a hopeful article on a new treatment for the devastating disease that is Alzheimer’s. After twenty years of research, a new drug called Aducanumab was recently approved and is giving hope to millions of friends and family of Alzheimer’s patients. Noelle also shines a spotlight on the emotional and financial costs to the families involved.

Featured Image for UrbanLink Magazines's Hope for Alzheimer's article

#1 – The Launch of the Figures Podcast!

The introductory and first interview episodes were amazing and there are so many cool conversations to come!! FIGURES is another step in UrbanLink’s rebranding process and is a key content feature produced by the UrbanLink Magazine production team. You won’t want to miss future dialogues between host Chris Jones and his guest entrepreneurs, innovators, and change makers. Go, FIGURES!

Logo for Figures Podcast

Tips To The Top

This month’s theme here at UrbanLink looks like branding to us! As you consider your own brand (or re-brand), here are our top three keys for you to keep your eyes on your own brand prize:

1. Know Your Why

Don’t just change for change’s sake. Make sure you know why a change, adjustment or complete overhaul of your brand needs to happen. Take a look at your original purpose and scrutinize why it’s time for the change and how that change will reflect your original and adjusted goals.

2. Redefine A New Brand Vision

Once you have established your “why”, it’s important to develop and crystalize the vision of your brand. Think of this new viewpoint as the visual portrayal of where your brand is going to go. Color schemes, graphics and image themes are crucial elements to be considered here.

3. Launch Your Rebrand Loud and Proud!

You’ve done all of the preparation to relaunch your brand beginning with re-setting your goals and redefining a new vision. Your website looks great. Now what? It’s go-time. You need to let the world know about it with a big relaunch. Before you do, however, make sure you let your vendors, customers and active target audience and prospects in on it by giving them a pre-launch look.

These three tips will point you in the right direction for thorough consultation and evaluation of your branding, web development, target audience and content marketing needs.

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