July seemed to fly by, despite the major heat wave that seemed to drag on forever, the Fourth of July gatherings (with friends and family, in person again!) and the launch of two billionaires into space. We at UrbanLink Group are settling nicely into the new office space and now have our sign up in the lobby. There was a bit of an “incident” earlier this month when some urban taggers broke in and painted our wall. After the initial shock wore off, we decided to keep the mural (kidding, we commissioned it).

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Summer is stirring activities that many of us put off last year. Vacationers are beginning to move about the country and spend time enjoying their favorite destinations. If you are a tourist destination, there is no better time to capture traveler’s attention with enhanced marketing strategies. UrbanLink Group provided some tips in a recent blog. Read here.

UrbanLink founder, Chris Jones, continues his interviews with notable entrepreneurs in his Figures Podcasts, delivered as both a video docuseries and an audio podcast. July has delivered interviews with robotics manufacturing innovator Al Youngwerth and Troy D’Ambrosio, Executive Director of the Lassonde Entrepreneurial Institute, located at the University of Utah’s Salt Lake City campus. Coming up in August, Figures visits Allegiant Stadium, Home of the Las Vegas Raiders, for a sit-down with acclaimed architect David Manica.

UrbanLink Group is still expanding its team, taking on new clients, and establishing itself as a change maker in digital marketing, online advertising and social media implementation and execution. If you are in The Village during our office hours, please stop in and say “hi.” We are located right across the upstairs entrance of the Axiom Fitness Center (you can’t miss it). You will recognize our sign and the graffiti covered wall which you can see through our glass door entryway.

To learn more about UrbanLink and the ways we are helping grow our clients’ businesses, we offer free consultations! You can also contact through our website!

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Top of The Chain

Feeling like you have the world’s worst website? We have evidence that yours is not the worst, and we provide some tips for improving your user experience. It might surprise you that almost 90% of mobile purchasers still have what they call “negative shopping experiences” online. “Do You Have the World’s Worst Website Usability Ever?” is a quick read, but an important one if you want to make sure your website is truly delivering the goods. Check it out!

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Banner for the UrbanLink Group Newsletter named The Link
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July’s Figures spotlight shines on the “Winning in the Restaurant Business” episode which features Chris’ conversation with Derek Hood, owner of the Crave Kitchen and Bar in Eagle, Idaho. Crave is a fabulous, one-of-a-kind boutique style restaurant that Hood opened during the pandemic. Talk about a challenge! Learn more about his journey with candid and honest conversation about his challenges and successes.


From UrbanLink Magazine

#3 – It’s Sturgis!

Many entrepreneurs and business owners are dedicated motorcycle riders, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally allows for the work hard/play hard philosophy to blend as one. Figures’ host Chris Jones, who owns an Indian motorcycle, summed up his Sturgis experience in 2020 by saying, “The great thing about the Sturgis Rally is the way it brings together people from all walks of life and every economic stratum.” It’s all about the passion for riding; and the $655 million the ten-day event brings into the local economy (2019 survey results). The history, the appeal, and the fun of this event are revealed here.

Featured image for UrbanLink Magazine Sturgis article

#2 – The Lassonde Entrepreneurial Institute

Christine Coates’ companion piece to the Figures video docuseries episode on the University of Utah’s amazing Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute chronicles the story of this amazing entrepreneurial program which is ranked among the top ten in the country. Students who are accepted into this unique learning institution can live and create right on site at the Lassonde Studios’ five-story home for student entrepreneurs, innovators and creators, located on the University of Utah campus in SLC, Utah. The Lassonde Institute offers programs in marketing and prototype development, as well as budgeting, forecasting, and negotiating investments.

Featured image for Figures interview with Lassonde Institute

#1 – Improve Your Golf Game, Improve Your Business

Turns out one of our newest team members has an expertise we didn’t know about when he joined our team. A suggestion came to the editorial staff to do an article on golf game improvement and how it’s important for business executives to be able to navigate their way around a golf course, as they say, many deals get done on the links. Our new Content Specialist Steven Zunich raised his hand sheepishly and informed us that he had been a golf club fitting professional for 5 years and has fit over 1,500 golfers for game improvement equipment. Check out this straightforward “how-to” golf instruction article and watch your game begin to improve!

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Tips To The Top

Here are some highlights from this month’s look at mobile/smart phone user-friendliness. The checklist reminds us of the top five things to consider in order to make certain your website is optimized. UrbanLink covers all these points and more when we evaluate our clients’ mobile website integration.

Usability Key Point Check List

  1. Visual Focus. A picture is worth a thousand words. Images are everything in the website world, especially when websites are being navigated on a smart phone or other mobile device. If your website is wordy, you must make sure it is adapted for mobile usability. Make sure that the images on the mobile version of your site are sharp and that any text is minimal, powerful and efficient.
  2. Easy Navigation. Keep It Simple…the old “KISS” method applies here. It is always imperative to remember that websites fall into the visual medium category. Not only should images lead the way, but website navigation must also be simple and lend itself to what a mobile user really wants, which is…
  3. …Instant Gratification. Think about the evolution of web browsing in the 21st century. Back in 2001, we used to sit at our home desktop (or laptop if you were really techno savvy) to do research so that we could find what we wanted to buy at a store. Now, when we’re heading out to eat, we rely on our devices to make the reservations, provide us directions and even to see if the chef has run out of kimchi for that special dish you love which keeps your “leaky gut” in check. It can all be done with our phones in our back pocket. The expectation is NOW!
  4. A Clear and “Sticky” Call-to-Action (CTA). It is crucial that site visitors see and understand exactly what action you are inviting them to take. Because smart phones have less screen space, the CTA has to be prominent, inviting and bright. Think of the apps you use often and check out their call-to-action buttons. Color matters. Shape matter. Size matters.
  5. The Three Clicks Rule! Arguably, these days three clicks might be too many. Visitors to your site should be able to get the information, place the reservation, or order your product within three clicks, OR LESS!! Preferably less. If the process doesn’t look great, feel right and give your visitors what they want right now, then your one opportunity is gone.

This usability checklist is a great map to make sure you are charting the mobile navigation waters properly. UrbanLink and its team of creatives is here for you and all your marketing needs.

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