What is it with these 31-day months lately? August seemed like it only had about fifteen days in it, but we still accomplished so much. Guess that old maxim is true: time really does fly when you’re having fun, and when you’re busy!  

We certainly have been busy brand building, marketing, and creating content, content, and more content! Not only the conventional content of the written word but also video content, graphics and social media content. It is soooo important to remember that content rules when you are trying to make your brand message stand out from the crowd in this prolific age of digital marketing. 


As summer winds down to its inevitable end, UrbanLink Group, the marketing company of the UrbanLink family, provided an insightful look at how and why companies transition seasonally from summer to fall in their advertising and marketing approaches. The physiological and psychological effects of color are explored in our recent blog. Check out ULG’s “What to Consider as The Colors of Summer Bleed into Fall” blog from this past month.

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UrbanLink Group (ULG), serves its growing client base by building brands and telling their stories. UrbanLink Magazine (ULM) writes about business owners and entrepreneurs, providing insightful and visionary content with practical applications. The “Mag”, as we like to call it, publishes articles and also sponsors the recently launched FIGURES Podcast, which is presented as a video docuseries and an audio podcast.

UrbanLink’s offices are located at The Village in Meridian Idaho but our marketing reach is worldwide with clients based as far away as Uppsala Sweden. UrbanLink truly has a globally significant digital scope.

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Top of The Chain

On the one hand, August really did feel like it flew by. On the other hand, it seems like months ago that the 2020 Olympics ended. The pandemic created a bit of a branding conundrum for the International Olympic Committee given that the 2020 Olympics were held in 2021. The IOC opted to keep the official year of these Olympics “2020”, which was the subject of some digital debate.   

No matter, it was great to have this event staged to help the world feel a sense of  normalcy again. ULG’s blog on the lessons businesses can learn from Olympic competition in general offers a opportunity to reminisce on the 2020 games that seemed to happen a year ago, while considering the lessons we can all derive from the stories that unfold during every Olympics.  

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Banner for the UrbanLink Group Newsletter named The Link
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UrbanLink founder, Chris Jones, continued his enlightening interviews with notable entrepreneurs via the Figures Podcast series. August featured an amazing two-part episode where he interviews David Manica, the acclaimed architect who designed Allegiant Stadium, home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders. Mr. Manica has designed stadiums around the world including Wembley Stadium in London and The Chase Center in San Francisco, home of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. In part one of the Manica interview, David speaks candidly about the risks he has taken in business, his design inspirations, the international scope of his work, and his hiring philosophy (“I don’t hire resumes”).

Part two, which is all about Allegiant Stadium a.k.a. “The Death Star”, set a Figures Podcast personal record for the series’ highest number of views on YouTube. Admittedly this episode is the sexier of the two parts, especially with football season just around the corner. You will be amazed at how Manica designed one side of the stadium as a “bridge” under which the giant tray that holds the natural grass turf is moved in and out of the stadium on game day (Raiders’ ownership insisted on having natural grass in its indoor stadium).


From UrbanLink Magazine

#3  – From AOL to Shopify – Internet Marketing Has Come a Long Way, Baby 

The most famous child born in 1991, according to the internet, is Ed Sheeran. 1991 is also the year that a company called “Quantum” changed its name to AOL. Over the course of the next ten years, AOL was THE dominant presence in bringing the “world wide web” into people’s homes. Looking back thirty years it is hard to imagine that in order for us to have access to the internet, we had to pay a monthly internet access fee ($19.95 per month) and wait for a CD to arrive in the mail (or we could go into a brick-and-mortar computer store and drive a CD home). 

As far as the internet has come since then, it is notable that even in the pioneering days of the “information superhighway” entrepreneurs used this technology for market research, business growth and expansion. The internet has come a long way, baby, indeed.  

#2 – Beer Is Made by Men, Wine by God  

Author Steven Zunich’s wine experience came in handy in this history-of-grape-varieties article. UrbanLink’s journalism forays have come across quite a few entrepreneurs in the wine industry over the last year or so. Figures Podcast’s initial episode in June featured a visit to Castello di Amorosa, a winery owned by Dario Sattui. Figures returned to a vineyard for its most recent podcast (August 31) with the owners of the Dude DeWalt winery in the foothills of Eagle Idaho, just outside of Boise.  

Setting the stage for our winemaker’s spotlight, Zunich took a deep look into the history of grape varietals, which descended from the vitis vinifera, a grape vine native to the Mediterranean region of the world. Have yourself some wine with Steven and travel back in time for a fun grape history lesson (not confirmed but he may have had a glass or two while composing this piece). 

#1 – How To Build An App

Building an app is a dream most of us have pondered and if you Google “how to build an app”, there are myriad promises of apps that can be made without “coding”, making us amateurs think that we can turn app building into an easy DIY project. Turns out that there are no real short cuts, AND, you will very likely need coding expertise to shepherd you through the app building process.

From the idea phase through to marketing plans, testing, and launch, this guide will get you from point “A” to point “G” (we identified 7 steps). Check it out and pay particular attention to what we did to new employee Tyler Morrison’s very cool graphic to make it look like we were designing and app for Figures Podcast (hey, that’s not a bad idea!). Here’s the basic graphic we built around.

Tips To The Top

The UrbanLink Group Olympics Lessons blog highlighted above featured some great tips from our VP of Client Services Noelle Lovern. These are brand building lessons that come from the stories that each business tells as part of its marketing story. As you think back on the stories of the 2020 Olympic Games, consider the story that your company is telling. This type of awareness is crucial in brand storytelling.

Brand Story Basic 3 Point Check List

Be Authentic. Stories personalize our lives and relate our humanity to one another. If you want your brand to take hold with your target audience, tell your story, and keep it real!

Be Relatable. To get traction with your targets, your story must be relatable. Relatability is dependent on a well-crafted narrative, as well as the medium that narrative is delivered in.

Be Engaging.  Every brand wants to be on the winning side of going viral. And yet, every company dreads the misstep that might take their brand viral for the wrong reasons. If your brand story is authentic and relatable, you have likely built a rapport and garnered trust with your target audience

Noelle’s 3 Point Brand Story checklist was created as a guide to making sure you are connecting with your audience. UrbanLink and its team of creatives is here for you to make sure you are telling your story in a compelling and connected way. Once we help you tell your story, then you are free to sell your story.

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