As we have alluded to in the last two editions of “The Link”, our monthly newsletter, the UrbanLink family continues to grow. We have been so busy that we have had to put our new team members to work right away. As such, we have been remiss in not properly introducing these new valuable players on our team. So, without further ado, let the introductions begin. We will introduce them here in the order in which we added them to our lineup.

Tyler Morrison – Graphic Designer (June 2021)

Tyler Morrison joined our team the day of “the big move”, when we set up shop in our new digs at The Village in Meridian. Tyler is a supremely talented digital artist, specializing in 3D & motion graphics, video design, photography, as well as vinyl graphics (whatever that is!). Tyler is the strong, silent member of our team. Like a cliched western movie hero, he too, is deadly when it comes to delivering whatever graphic design we need. Tyler is a Moscow Idaho native where he graduated from the University of Idaho with a BS degree in Virtual Tech and Design.

Tyler is enjoying his recent move to Boise because of its urban, youthful environment which has allowed him to connect with fellow twenty-somethings in the area. Tyler is an avid soccer player who often hobbles into work on Monday mornings due to his most recent 6-on-6 league game injury endured over the course of the previous weekend. Tyler also enjoys swimming, hiking, and skiing.

Picture of Steven Zunich

Steven Zunich – Content Specialist (June 2021)

Steven joined our team in June and has proven himself more versatile than we ever imagined. In addition to being a very fine writer, we have discovered other talents that contribute to the team culture. Steven has a background as an improvisational actor, teacher, and performer. He has led our group in a couple of team-building improv exercises which challenged some of us but entertained all of us and brought the team closer.

Steven’s breadth of knowledge spans many industries and interests which is apparent in his writing. He has a background in viticulture and wine tasting and, as such, recently contributed an article on grape varieties. We also discovered that Steven spent five years as a golf club fitting professional. So, when UrbanLink Magazine’s editor pitched a game improvement article for busy executives, we knew Steven had the chops to bring it to life. Steven’s blog and article contributions in marketing and eCommerce have been great but it’s always nice to find special, hidden talents of our team members.

Outside of work, Steven has written one play and three screenplays as well. And he is a very proud father of four. Steven plays tennis and golf with his kids and has an obsession for classic films and television. Steven and his family moved to Idaho back in 2009. His kids have grown up here and love all that Boise has to offer. It’s great to have Steven as a key component of our UrbanLink family.

Cassie Baugh – Digital Marketing Specialist (July 2021)

Cassie came on board in July of this year, moving from Eastern Idaho where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing at BYU-Idaho. She has been working in the world of marketing for the last 4 and half years in a wide arrange of B2B and B2C industries. During that time, Cassie has developed expertise in SEO, email marketing, project management, social media management, video production and digital marketing. She can do it all!

Cassie grew up in San Diego, moving to Idaho in 2016 to pursue her degree. Cassie has an extensive vinyl record collection that covers everything from classic 50s Rock and Roll all the way through 90s Hip-Hop and Rap. Cassie also has a passion for classic cars, which she works on herself, thank you very much. You can see Cassie riding around Boise in her 1966 Ford Mustang, usually with her beloved golden retriever, Whiskey, along for the ride. Oh, and she really enjoys kayaking on the Boise river. We are so happy to have Cassie as a part of our UrbanLink marketing team.


Picture of Nicole Gilstrap

Nicole Gilstrap, Marketing Intern (Summer 2021)

In addition to this infusion (transfusion?) of new expansion blood, UrbanLink Group is actively seeking another special someone to join us this fall. Specifically, UrbanLink Group is looking for a marketing or business major intern who would like to learn what we do and how we do it, while directly working with our entire team under the guidelines of your university’s specific internship rules. Boise State University student, Nicole Gilstrap, just finished her summer internship (internships, by design, are temporary–miss you Nicole!) so we are looking for someone to step in and pick up where she left off.

Here’s what Nicole had to say about her time here at UrbanLink Group (ULG):

“…having an internship did not automatically give me more knowledge and skill. It took the team around me and the experience of every moment to fully gain things I can take away and apply to my personal and professional life. Although I learned a lot within the realm of my field of study, I learned way more that I was not expecting.

The times that I was observing a new situation or doing something completely random is where I grew the most. Not learning specific tasks but learning ideals and how to take on something is what I am walking away from this experience with.

The internship may be over, but I will forever be, gratefully, ‘The Intern’ to ULG.”


If you would like to apply for this fall internship, click the link to Indeed below and click “apply”. We would love to review your application and have you in for an interview!

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